One of the core missions of Students for Liberty is to develop leaders who will enact positive change bringing about greater freedom, tolerance and prosperity in society wherever they are. As our volunteer, you get to experience an amazing range of learning and networking opportunities designed just for you!

These are some of the development opportunities our volunteers get to receive:

  1. Attending overseas student conferences such as LibertyCon and FEECon
  2. Learn about the work of think tanks and research organisations worldwide
  3. Connect with renowned thinkers and thought leaders in our wider network
  4. Undergo online training webinars and courses that cover topics ranging from the principles of economics, political philosophy and even the best practices of student activism!
  5. Carry out projects and organise events that spread our message of freedom, tolerance and prosperity
  6. Get exclusive sponsorships, discounts and grants to our partner events and educational programs

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